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About me

Making software complicated is easy. Making it simple is the hard part. Keeping the focus on user needs is even harder. Here is where I step in.

Making software is art and coding is craft and those who understand this create great memorable things.

Here I blog from time to time and I share what I think that might come usefull for others if they encounter similar problems.

While I am not blogging I am busy making products and creating new experiences for users. I have 10+ years leading software products across various industries. Passionate about startups, SaaS, IoT and putting big data to use!


Currently leading product oriented software agency SpiceFactory. Delivering software products is our specialty, users trust us to be their technology partner. Our team offers full service from idea validation, UX to rapid development and support.

Throughout my career I have worked managing large teams including international teams with multi locations. I love working on products and services and I am devoted to them being as successfull as possible.

I am seasoned professional covering full product lifecycle.

I'll pick up the best that the person can offer and shape it towards greatness!


Software is my passion. My expertise range from developing large scale enterprise applications to casual games. I love working on creating better ways for people to interact with software.

I enjoy working with JVM and making reactive applications for the modern product needs. I enjoy working with Scala, iOS, Android and JavaScript and of course many many more ...

Delivering next generation web and mobile solutions is what wakes me up every day.