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Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Launch Manager and Windows 7 - enable Wireless

For all of you that have Amilo laptops which don't have Launch Manager available for new Win 7 here is simple solution to run your wireless again!
I spent quite a time until finally managed to enable this card. I thought that enabling card just in bios will do the trick but cards have to be enabled from inside os as well and since Launch Manager will not work in default installation this will not work.

And hopefully running Launch Manager in compatibility mode did the trick.
So steps are:

  1. go to fsc support page
  2. find your laptop and downlod launch manager for Windows XP
  3. extract it and then right click go to compatibility view and select run as "windows xp (service pack 2)" - didn't work for me with service pack 3
  4. enable "run as administrator" as well
  5. install it and reboot
  6. Voila! Press your launch key and it should work.
This solution is probably the same for all other laptops with similar problems. So give it a try (don't trow away your old good buddies yet :) 


Good idea :) thanks.
Mihail Tsveov,
with win 7 on fs amilo 7400
Thanks dude your the man ! if a win the lotto you will be a rich man ! thanks, this fecking works yi hahaha !
Worked like a charm, can't thank you enough!
Works like magic, that was 2 good days of searching the googling before I found this article.

Thanks a million times.
Thank you a lot !!! I was searching for this for month I finally here it is :) once mor thank you :)
Miloš Žikić
Just checked and it is still available.. maybe not for your model.. try with similar series... eg>
Has Launch Manager been renamed? Or bundled in to something else/ Can't find it on the Fujitsu site :-(
Thank you Thank you Thank you,been trying for ages to get this to work,you are a true god of wireless.Thank you Thank you Thank you.
Thanks a lot, it's solving my issue on Windows 7 after some hours of investigation.
It is brilliant decision! 10x a lot for this post!!!
Thanks you god Bless You YOU all you life
Viva for Bill Gates for creating microsoft which allow us sharing things like this and ofcourse viva for MILOS for sharing his idea, Thanks from POLAND. God luck for You Milos.
tanx a million!!
Another solution i use today
Download on the BIOS Windows Flash (32bit)for your model.
The last version of the bios solve this problem et enable in the bios the opportunity to manage wifi
Miloš Žikić
Heh.. glad that this helped. I've been fighting with this for a long period and then tried to go wild and tried compatibility mode.. and hey it worked! So I simple had to share.
You sir, are a HERO! I´ve been fighting with my Amilo Pro all day. And then finially, in my Very Last effort, I find your blog! Thanks a million! Cheers/Henric from Sweden!
Thanks Milos.

i have downloaded file. how do i extract and run as admin??
Miloš Žikić
Trebalo bi da ti radi Launch Manager koji može da se skine sa fujitsu sajta.

Kada ga preuzmeš postavi u compatibility view "Run as Administrator" i stavi compatibility na Windows Vista (pošto je driver već za Vistu trebalo bi da radi). Kada se instalira restartuj i probaj dugme za aktivaciju wirelessa.
Milos Djokic
Milose molim te pomozi, ja ne uspevam nikako, imam fs amilo li 2735 instalirana mi je 7ca i nema varijante da upalim wlan.
koji da instaliram tacno launch manager? probao sam 10ak i nista... bio bih ti zahvalan ako bi malo pojednostavio postupak ako je to ikako moguce.
launch manager
Is This way useful for any OS versin? oh ya, what's the difference ACER launch manager and non ACER launch manager...

i ja sam resio wlan problem uz tvoj post!

Hvala ti!
Miloš Žikić
Super. Drago mi je da si uspeo.
Matori, uspeo sam... Glup sam, nisam skapirao uopste sta je launc... Hvala.
Druže, ja sam očigledno glup za laptopove... Pet puta pokušavam sa driver-ima, klikunuo sam sve sto se kliknuti moglo a dugme za wlan i dalje ne radi. Nemam pojma šta je launch manager i kako da ga nadjem. Sve u svemu Amilo 1720 klasičan problem: ne radi wlan dugme i dugme za kuler ili šta već... Pomagaj...
Miloš Žikić
I almost decided to go back to XP :)

Then when I got this working this was something I had to share with the world .

You're a GOD !!!!

Followed your instructions, and it works !

I've been trying to get this to work for a few months.

Thanks for posting this fix.


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