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Groovy and JasperReports

Yesterday I was trying out to the new iReport 3.6 to generate some reports. Everything went fine but on trying to run the report inside the app I've got:


This was pretty awkward since I didn't reference any of the groovy stuff inside the code nor in the reports.

After opening the .jrxml source and comparing it with the older version that I had I noticed the language="groovy" attribute in the jreport element.

I don't know how this got set there but seems that groovy is the default from now on. When I removed this and recompiled the report everything worked great.


I have the same problem today, I spent more than 3 hours to got a solution. More about that at

Miloš Žikić
True with dependency but I didn't want to add a groovy jar to the libs since I am not using it anywhere. So I had to dig down to search why and how it was referenced.
As stated at the site below, you can add the Groovy JAR to your project by copying ireport/modules/ext/groovy-all-{version}.jar to /WEB-INF/lib
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