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Flex Compiler Error - Internal build error

I've been working on a multimodule flex project and some time ago I have encountered this error. The error stated in error log:

"An internal build error has occurred. Right-click for more information."

I was using Flex SDK 3 beta 3 at that moment and managed to localize that error occurs in one module so I have disconnected that module and continued working. Now with the release of Flex SDK 3, I tried to compile the module again but it resulted with the same error. After couple of hours of going through my code I found out that I had one switch statement with no body. When this was commented out compiler did not report any errors.

The error is easy to simulate (just make empty switch statement). Here is one simple method that will result with the same error:

public function handleClick(evt:MouseEvent):void{
switch (evt.currentTarget){

I have reported this bug on adobe's jira site.


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