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Coding in the Cloud

Update (03-17) new Cloud ide is available from the creators of Exo platform

Everyone is speaking that we are in the years of Cloud. Cloud is everywhere. It leverages your infrastructure, it lowers operational costs, it scales whenever and how you need it, it helps you have your data wherever you go... well I will not discuss previously stated but it is definitely time for clouds to offer us something more. To allow us to live completely in the web. And for developers it means having great development tools online.

There is always a question over how useful is this but with the todays trend to have internet connected devices with not so great processing power and trend for collaboration on every step this might have a great potential. It would be great that you can code check over what your team is doing while you're on your tablet device and even contribute if you want.

....and how close are we to there.. well it seams its around the corner but there are still missing parts so this can be really productive.

Here is the list what is available that came to my attention:
And some of this have really cool features like collaborative editing and live chat, language validation and even compilation they still lack a lot of what you get in your favourite IDEs right now. Eg. 

  • support running just JavaScript
  • some have evaluation ability but fail with good editing features. 
  • you cannot add additional libraries to your project
  • there is no way to simulate running web applications
  • etc.. 
So basically what we have now is a syntax highlighting and some evaluation... but there is some cool factor in all this and certainly there would be some interesting updates and newcomers in this area so definitely something to watch. 

If you ask for my favorite at this time, I am setting my eye on Cloud9. They are basing their engine on ACE which is a successor of Mozilla Bespin (or SkyWriter) project so definitely have a good base.

So don't trow out your IDEs ... for now...

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